OEM Logo Stamper v2.07

Put your company's or personal logo on the windows system properties dialogue box with this small utility. It is one of the most wanted programs for the clone retailers who assemble clone machines. OEM Logo Stamper can be used to brand computers you (clone pc assemblers or individual) build, or just to customize your own and replace any existing OEM information. This software was known as OEM Logo Manager in the past. Check out the professional edition of this software which has more advanced functions.



January 2007

Freeware (Unlimited Use)

System Requirements:
Intel Pentium II or Higher
640 x 480 in 16bit Color
32 MB System Ram
About 1 MB HDD Space
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Library
Comdlg32 ActiveX Control (Included)
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k/2003/XP
* Windows Vista is Not Supported Right Now

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Macromedia Flash ActiveX Control
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime

Download Size:
530 kb

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OEM Logo Stamper
(Available For Download Only)
Comparison of Features Between Different Edition of OEM Logo Stamper
Features Free Professional

OEM Information Editor
OEM Logo Changer
Windows Registration Editor
Standard Help Documentation
Standard Reset Option
Startup Nag Screen
Advanced OEM Information Editor
OEM Logo Viewer
Customized Profile Saving and Loading Option
Startup Auto load Profile Option
Advanced Windows Branding Editor
Standalone Executable Distribution (for floppy or cd) Generating Option
Extensive Step by Step Help Documentation
Quick Technical Support Through Email
Advanced Reset Option For Each Section


Development History:

Version 2.07
Revised interface button texts and tool tips.
Fixed support and other email links.
Restore default button in registration editor now only works after some changes made into the corresponding fields.

Version 2.06
Revised license agreement.
Now all links are directed to new Zem Soft Website.
Some minor interface bug fixed.

Version 2.05
Fixed live internet detection bug.
If default logo is loaded then the image path field now shows the path of the logo

Version 2.02
Improved interface visibility with brighter colors.
Changed show oem info icon.
Revised tips section.
Fixed update notification message.
Redesigned nag screen with new donation and upgrade option button.

Version 2.01
Tab navigation bug fixed.
New Zem Soft domain name.
Updated old hyper links and icon.
Now new updated information will be shown automatically if active internet connection is detected.

Version 2.0
New major update after a long time.
New feature of OEM Windows Registration Editor.
Improved & revised tips section.
Revised nag/about window links & text.
New improved flat style input fields.
Fixed update notification message.
Some minor interface design improvement.
Startup information loading bug fixed.
Lots of minor bug fixed.
Updated banner animation.

Version 1.56d
Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.56b
New animation file with notice.
Freeware window now shows at the beginning.
Some important link bug fixed on the freeware nag window.

Version 1.56
Added new cool title flash information bar on main program window.

Version 1.55
Image size display bug fixed.
Now only actual viewable size of the image is shown and supported.
Some small interface design bug fixed.
Lots of new tool tips are added to many objects for better understanding of their function.
Auto loading bug of existing info's is fixed now.

Version 1.52
Some minor logo update bug fixed.
New default button which loads the default available texts and logo.
Some interface design improvements to enable view on light colored windows face.
Nag box's links now act as hyperlinks.
Tab order of the buttons are fixed.

Version 1.5
Fixed information update bug on some fields.
New graphical tips button located on the main panel.
New improved tips window with license agreement & version history.
Changed position of the reset all button (now textual).
New nag box with contact info and website link.

Version 1.41
Logo Updating Bug Fixed.
Auto loading feature of existing info and logo is added.

Version 1.4
New improved interface with more new graphics.
New reset button for resetting all things.

OEM Logo Manager Version 1.3
New improved interface with auto loading existing info and logo.
Startup notification on the absence of the info & logos.
Loaded logo's size is now measured in pixel.
Animated title text hyper linking to main website.
New logo setting tips button.
Redesigned text id for better understanding.

OEM Logo Manager Version 1.2
Website support for upgraded version search.

OEM Logo Manager Version 1.1
Can automatically detect windows directory.

OEM Logo Manager Version 1.0
The first public released version of the program.

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Awards Received

Rated 3.5 stars at SnapFiles

Punto Informatico, l'evoluzione della rete

OEM Logo Stamper: 5 Star Award at kingdownloads.com !

Softpedia "100%  Clean" Award

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