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  Zem Soft News    
This page contains the site update history as well as the latest news from Zem Soft. All news are sorted according to the date. If you are looking for a specific products development history then check out the respective products page to find out about their product history. From this page learn about Zem Soft's latest product releases, new product information, and other developments related news on other upcoming new products.



23rd January 2007
     OEM Logo Stamper 2.07 Released
     More updates of existing products coming soon.
     Update of existing support links and listing on

03rd June 2006
     Zemsoft is now moved to its very personal own hosting server at
     Complete zemsoft site is back to its normal condition slowly after few months of outage of service.
     Update of almost all the products are coming soon.
     Some exciting new site upgrades and products are coming soon.

30th April 2004
     New updated OEM Logo Stamper Professional Edition 1.0a released.
     Multi ieXplorer 1.0 is released a few days back.
     Check out and download the the updated versions from the products page.
     We are almost finished on implementing the automatic product registration and site login features on the website.

25th March 2004
     New Zem Soft Site uploaded.
     New software ClickSwitch, OEM Logo Stamper Professional Edition is released.
     Updated versions of almost all previous software are released check out the products page.

20th February 2004
     Updated version of some products are about to be released.
     Site now has a custom error page.
     OEM Logo Stamper Professional Edition Preview demo released.

6th January 2004
     Zems Soft now changed to Zem Soft
     New Zem Soft Domain is activated and partial site uploaded.
     New site will be uploaded soon.

27th August 2003
     New OEM Logo Stamper 2.05 Released with some important minor updates.

4th May 2003
     Updated OEM Logo Stamper 2.02 Released with some minor updates.
     Clickswitch and Multi ieXplore release is delayed due to some unusual circumstances hope I'll be able to release them soon.

20th February 2003
     New OEM Logo Stamper 2.01 Released with new live animation bar.
     New software ClickSwitch is on the way of release. Check out the website within few days, I hope then it will be ready to download.
     Multi ieXplorer's complete version is also about to be released.

9th January 2003
     New Alarm Clock 1.6 Released. With more enhanced tray icon and bug fixes.
     Some web site link & layout bug fixed.

28th November 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 2.0 Released with lots of bug fixes along with new windows registration editor.
     Some of the previous download links are revised to make them alive.

2nd September 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 1.56d released. With some minor bug fixes.

8th August 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 1.56b released.
     New upgrade patches are on the way check out frequently to get the updates.

8th June 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 1.56 released.
     This new version of OLS features some important bug fixes so its a must have download for existing OLS users.

28th May 2002
     New Multi ieXplorer first public beta v0.9 released.
     More new software are coming with updates of previous ones.
     Some minor site design changes.

15th May 2002
     Lots of major site page display error fixed.
     New ad's and updated older ad links.
     All download links are now working correctly.
     Improved site page load optimization for faster browsing experience.

24th April 2002
     New system files download links now with 2 parts instead of 4 parts.
     Some of the download links are fixed.
     Some minor site updates.

4th March 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 1.52 posted. Download your copy now.
     New updates are also available.

28th February 2002
     New OEM Logo Stamper 1.5 posted. Download your copy now.
     Update for existing users of 1.41 is available now.
     New download site is now active, new files are posted there.
     Now OEM Logo Stamper setup shipped with comdlg32.ocx file so hassle to download it separately.

9th February 2002
     New downloadable auto install comdlg32.ocx is posted.

30th January 2002
     New download links for the system files and comdlg32.ocx are posted.

The history before January 2002 are omitted for avoiding the mass of old data.



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