Mini Pad v2.3updated
A windows note pad clone. A small word processor which contains more features than the plain vanilla windows notepad. Supports larger file format comparing to notepad and also have some useful features of wordpad. Upcoming updated version 2.5 which will be released soon will feature more enhanced functions and tools do everyday work.



Released on :
December 2003

Freeware (Unlimited Use)

System Requirements:
Intel Pentium II / AMD K6-2 400MHz+
640 x 480 in 16bit Color
32 MB System Ram
About 1 MB HDD Space
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Library
Several ActiveX Controls (Included)
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k/2003/XP

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What's New
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Frequently Asked Questions


Download Size:
0.97 Mb

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Supporting Files:
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime

Alarm Clock
Version 2.3 is available now, v2.5 is coming soon.
(Available For Download Only)

Development History:

Version 2.5 (Coming Soon)
Updated interface with more advanced word processing functions
More new features

Version 2.3
All links are updated and redirected to new Zem Soft site.
Some minor interface bug fixed.

Version 2.2b
More new features.
Web support for easy update.
Check for update, visit homepage link is now on the help menu.

Version 2.0b
Mini Pad now derived to word pad standard.
Multiple fonts can be used in a single document.
New font loading menu with progress bar indicator during the font loading.
New font size selection menu.
Now documents can be saved as rtf format.
New save as option.
New print function.
New printer setup option.
New color selection menu.
New formatting section in the toolbar.
New super smooth design of the toolbar.
More new icons and features.
New word count and screen info section.

Version 1.7
New undo feature.
New toolbar button image.
New insert date time feature.
Rtf files are now supported.
Faster loading new executable file.

Version 1.5
Now save options are enabled.
New about dialogue box.
New status bar with indicators of the caps, num and scroll lock.
Interface bug fixed.
Maximize bug fixed.

Version 1.2
Now the main window can be maximized.
Improved file open dialogue box.
Several minor bug fixed.

Version 1.0
The first original released version.



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