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If you're having problems with anything regarding to any of our software, you may contact us through e-mail. Please note that everyone has the right to ask their support related questions whether they are a registered user or not, but please remember that registered users get their questions answered first. In the case of some software products, exclusive technical support like quick e-mail support, is available for only registered users. Check out their documentation to find out how to obtain that support.


For questions and inquiries:

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Online Support:

You can chat with us online through Instant Messenger which will reduce the time gap between query and response!

If you use Yahoo or ICQ then you can send us offline messages about your inquiries. We will try to answer those offline messages as soon as we receive them.

icq ICQ: 156145162
yahoo Yahoo! ID: zem_soft
AIM AIM Screen Name: zsoftcom
email Email: info


16/248 Nirala Residential Area

Phone: 00880 41 724221
email Email: info

  Important information for our technical support If you have problems with any of our software and wish to contact our technical support make sure that you are at the computer the problem is occurring on. Also ensure you have the following information:

  • The name and version number of the software.
  • Your Windows version.
  • The exact error message.
  • A description of the problem and the steps required to reproduce it.

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