Alarm Clock v1.7

Alarm clock is a small program that sits in your system tray of the windows desktop. Includes 5 different chimes and a customized chime button for selecting your favorite custom chimes. It also features a popup message box to inform you of somes information on alarm time and an auto shutdown feature which you can use to log off, shutdown or make the computer standby at a set time.


Released on :
March 2004

Freeware (Unlimited Use)

System Requirements:
Intel Pentium II / AMD K6-2 400MHz+
640 x 480 in 16bit Color
32 MB System Ram
About 1 MB HDD Space
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Library
Comdlg32 ActiveX Control (Included)
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k/2003/XP

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Download Size:
528 kb

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Supporting Files:
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime

Alarm Clock
(Available For Download Only)

Development History:

Version 1.7
Changed to standby function instead of restart.
Now supports all versions of Windows including WinNT, XP, 2000, 2003.
Support links on the about box and menu's are now redirected to new Zem Soft domain.

Version 1.6
Newly designed system tray function without the ActiveX dependency.
Removed on focus alarm setting disappearance.
Alarm setting fields now have validation feature to verify a valid time.
Alarm setting fields are now limited to 2 characters.
Revised menu hyperlinks and about box links.
Revised tips section.
New automatic windows shutdown, restart and logoff feature.

Version 1.5
Lots of new features with lots of bug fixes.
New auto shutdown feature helps to use this clock as an auto windows shutdown manager.
New improved sleek design with a lot of changes in the attributes.
Program now minimizes when u click on the set alarm button.
New modified tips section.
New look of the About window.
Popup interval now can be modified.

Version 1.09
New tips section on the help menu.
Check for upgrade, visit homepage, send email are now on the help menu.
Website link on the about box for easy access to the Zems Soft website.
Improved dialogue text.
New popup message with alarm feature.

Version 1.08
Now you can choose your custom chime.
Modified new design of the main panel.
Color code of the sections are changed.
Smaller executable file size.

Version 1.07
New 6 different chime feature.
Different chimes are now selectable by only pressing a button.
Larger main clock display.

Version 1.05
New system tray feature. Now it can be minimized into the system tray.
New popup menu at the system tray.
Lots of bug fixes.

Version 1.01
Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0
The first original released version.

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