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  About Zem Soft
Zem Soft, a privately owned company and headquartered at Khulna, Bangladesh founded in 2000, focuses on the development of original, reliable software solutions.

Md. Zeenatul Basher (Lead Programmer and Webmaster) and SK. Mostafa Al Masum (Senior Programmer and Chief Technical Advisor) are presently executing in most of the operations of the company.



Our commitment is to develop and deliver reliable, easy to use software solutions, combined with superior customer support, enabling individuals or organizations of all sizes to maximize their working efficiency with minimal effort; that is the reason why we selected the slogan 'Powered Computing' for our site

All our team members have several years of expertise, developing customized, fully integrated digital systems in a variety of industrial and Internet standards. Some of our team members have worked on software projects for industry leading firms both at home and abroad (offshore). Most of our staff members have the valuable experience of sharing their knowledge, working in higher educational establishments as professional tutors, having accomplished one or several scientific projects.

The Internet allows us to communicate with your team as easily as if we were next door to your company. All of our tech. and info. support Staff who you will interact with have strong English language skills, thus eliminating most language barriers. We also aim at high quality, responsible support management, providing ICQ, e-mail and phone assistance on our projects 24 hours a day (coming soon).

Our specialities include:
Web-based and e-business solutions development
Desktop Databases and Programming.
Monitoring systems programming
IT and Internet Consulting
Custom Built Software Applications
Shareware and Freeware development

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